We are a small pre-owned automotive dealership nestled in the woods in Lexington, SC. My family has been in the car business well over 50 years and I myself have been in it for over 10. We have specialized in Buy Here/Pay Here financing for customers in and around the Columbia area and have made many of friends along the way. We, here at Carigan Auto Sales, have one mission that is to deliver the best automobile for the best price possible. We are a very people oriented organization and take every individuals needs into consideration when we try to find you that right vehicle. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions!

Thank you again,

Levi Carigan

Location: Carigans Auto Sales
2571 Southlake Drive
Lexington, SC 29073
Phone #: (803)520-7636
Fax: (803)764-1246
Email: Email us at chuckburton.autosales@gmail.com
Store Hours: Mon-Friday 9-6 Saturday 10-2
We finance your future, not your past!